Bakery project


Taking the interest of the children of Chaiyapruk Home at heart, Dr.Cleopandh envisioned an indoor canteen and kitchen with a bakery and training development center at Victory Tree Children Home.The old kitchen and canteen were open spaced and infested with mosquitos at 

Inspired by Dr.Cleopandh and wishing to contribute to her dream, Mrs. Jolanda Gout, a former patient started raising awareness and funds abroad: the Bakery project was born.

The Mission of the project

To provide our teenagers opportunities to: 

- Learn new skill sets in baking and food preparation

Develop positive self-esteem and promote confidence

socially engage with the community and ancourage participation in a new social oulet

- contribute to supplement expenses in a self-sufficient profit center benefiting all children.

The Sponsors  
From the Netherlands:
-friends and family
-NCDO (National Commission on Sustainable Development)
Coordinator and Organizer bakery project: Mrs. Jolanda Gout  @mail:
Your Cooperation
We are looking for people to help instructing our teenagers in bakery skills in small workshops during the holidays and weekends.Please contact Angela +66-80293 0005 or @mail: if you would like to share your baking ideas with the children.We organize monthly educational baking workshops.
We need sales outlets and ideas to promote and sell our baking products.
With regards to the NCDO we were able to purchase a commercial Donutmachine for our baking school.
The first test baking has been done and we looking forward to sell our freshly made Donuts during  the Thailand Pony Championships,from 22-24th October,2010 at the horse riding stable Equestrian Paradice.


Impressions first Donut baking