Flood News

November 29, 2011

All children have left their evacuation home at Rayong safe and sound by last Thursday and are safely back home.
Although not all area’s and roads are cleared of the water, it has proven to be safe and accessible enough to return to the children home and even resume their school duties after a 4 week break.
The flood water has not entered the buildings, so everything could be moved downstairs again and the big clean-up of the property could begin; there’s a lot to be renewed.
Thanks to the kind offering of vacant outlet space at a downtown office/shopping building we were able to hold a garage sale of excess donated goods and stock lots last week as well.
The proceeds of the sale will support our children home.
As some secondary schools were still closed due to the floods, the elder kids could assist in the sales.
We hope to be able to start our Christmas Bakery sales of our famous Christmas Stollen and cookies soon in order to contribute to the funds of our children’s welfare.  We hope you will continue your kind support. Please keep an eye on our site.