About Us

Established in 1985,the Chaiyapruk Foundation is the creation of Dr. Cleopandh Soorapanthu and her husband Dr. Somsak Somsugdi.

Returning to Thailand after 20 years of successful medical practice in Germany, the physician couple were  appalled to  find just how extensive the problem was of abandoned children…left on doorsteps or in garbage bines, babies born in prison to drug-addicted mothers, or those given up by mothers unwilling or unable to cope.

The Chaiyapruk Foundation occupies a three-House complex in Nakorn Nayok, providing a permanent home for abandoned children.

It offers not only a place of refuge but also a place called home, where they can grow up happily, healthy, and return to…always.
Cherman,23 years old and currently studying at the university of technology and is visiting his former  home weekends,wrote following:
"Chaiyapruk children home gave me happiness and taught me everything I know today.I have many sisters and brothers there.
Dr.Cleopandh and Dr.Somsak took care me like my mother and father.They love all the children and never get tired to drive to the home after finishing work."